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                  "Your Pet Will Agree, We're simply The Best!"

Petagree is committed to maintain the highest standard of grooming practices using only the best products and equipment for Feline grooming.

Regular Feline grooming reduces shedding and allergy problems, eliminates hairballs and makes for an overall happier, healthier cat.

We use only safe, humane, proven methods for Feline grooming.

Our service includes:

*  De shedding

*  Nail trim

*  Sanitary Clip

*  Eye and ear cleaning

*  Trim pads

*  Bathing

*  Blow dry

*  Lion Clip  (Additional charge)

Please Note:  All Cats must be current on rabies vaccinations and in good health.  We do not groom aggressive/unruly, feral or stray Cats.

             Prices starting at $80




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